Oxy Solutions hold unique patented technologies that allows for the creation of highly oxygenated liquids of any type.

Apparatus and methods for the production of our highly oxygenated liquids are the subject of several patents granted in the United States and Europe, including:

  • US Patent No. 6,821,438
  • US Patent No. 8,142,550
  • US Patent No. 8,409,334 
  • European Patent No. 1328336 
  • European Patent No. 2376140

We are continuing to develop our oxygenation technology and its applications.  As a result of the innovative work at Oxy Solutions AS, the following patent applications are pending:

  1. International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2015/053348 and corresponding applications: The focus of this application is the continued development and improvement of our methods and apparatus for oxygenating fluids.  Our apparatus includes a compact, integrally formed network of conduits that is suitable for producing oxygenated fluids for a variety of end uses, including for the culture of cell media.  The apparatus has been specifically designed to handle these different types of fluids.
  2. International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2017/051314 and corresponding applications: An area in which our oxygenation technology finds particular use is in the provision of aquaculture systems for fish farming.  This application is directed to a system for producing oxygenated water for use in aquaculture.  The operating parameters are carefully tuned to be optimised for the requirements of fish farming.
  3. International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2017/053185 and corresponding applications:We have found our oxygenation technology to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of wounds and other skin disorders, such as burns, inflamed and/or infected tissues.  We have developed liquid formulations capable of gelling on contact with body tissues and which are able to release therapeutically effective concentrations of dissolved oxygen to aid in healing or regeneration of the skin tissues.  Our formulations also find particular use in methods of cosmetic treatment of the skin.