Our Technology

Oxy Solutions has developed a patented technology for creating highly oxygenated liquids of any type. The technology is developed with a high level of flexibility in mind, making it well suited for several different industries. Although, most customers would like to maximize the level of oxygen in their liquid, the solution is also well suited for controlling a constant level of oxygen in a liquid as live oxygen measurements is an integrated part of the solution.

In developing the technology one crucial requirement was to make it as flexible and scalable as possible in order to meet customer needs. The result is an impressive solution that gives customers a product that is easy to integrate in an established production line with a flexibility of throughput of liquid. Oxy Solutions currently offers the technology in three different sizes depending on the capacity required by the customer, with similar specifications. The technology has very few known limitations, however it is an underlying assumption that the substance is liquid, setting some requirements to the viscosity.

During the development process Oxy Solutions has also developed a good understanding for issues that may influence the oxygen levels in a production line, as well as the understaning of how to maintain a high oxygen level in a liquid by selecting a packaging technology that is suitable.