Wound care

Wound care

Oxy Solutions is developing products that aim to address and improve treatment of chronic wounds. The products are a wound healing gel and a wound healing rinse.

One of the most common complaints within healthcare today is hard-to-heal wounds. Besides the patient burden, they also stand for a high cost within medical services. The main problem is that microbes infect the wound and thereby inhibit the wound healing process. Further, the optimism regarding the ability of antibiotics to efficiently handle infections has decreased due to the rising number of multi-resistant bacteria.

Oxygen is essential to life and in the wound healing process. It plays a key role in supporting tissue regeneration and repair by inhibiting anaerobic bacteria and supporting the body’s natural defense mechanism. Available research indicates that oxygen has a role as an anti-infective agent, in the reduction of biofilm formation, in increasing leukocytes microbicidal effect, and in potentiating the effects of several antimicrobial drugs on biofilm infections. In addition, it is well established that adequate oxygen supply is crucial for proper wound healing. There are few studies evaluating the effect of highly oxygenated wound dressings (or other oxygen therapies) on biofilm reduction or eradication. Thus, further studies are needed. The role of e.g. hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an anti-infective agent is, however, clearly evident.

Oxy Solutions wound healing products are based on a patent technology that ensures an elevated, controlled and stable level of oxygen that can be administered to hard-to-heal wounds. Research indicate that the formulation ensures oxygen penetration to the skin more effectively than current oxygen gas treatment. It also indicates improved wound healing properties such as wound closure, vascular density, collagen formation an leukocyte infiltration.

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