Mission & Vision

Oxy Solutions has specialized in developing oxygenating solutions for liquids both for maximizing levels of oxygen and controlling levels within predefined ranges. In addition, the company has developed an important understanding and competency for packaging of oxygenated liquids for distribution or storage.

Although the technology is flexible and may be utilized on a wide range of areas and industries, Oxy Solutions has selected medical wound healing in chronic wounds as the main area of interest, with a second tire on the beverage industry.

There has also been interest from other industries such as seafood, cosmetic etc. for the technology.  However, further development within these areas are considered interesting provided that a strong partner from the industry is available. As a result the company has developed the following vision and mission statements:


Be the leading provider of oxygenated wound care technology


Be the preferred partner of medical technology for oxygenating wound care dressings by continued development of current technology